Freezer bags


Sooner or later, everything gets carried in our bags!

What are they used for?

They are used for packing food intended for freezing

Freezer bags are part of our standard product range. They are made of high density polyethylene, they are very thin and durable.

They are used in households for packing food intended for deep freezing, but they are also suitable for packing powdered food.

How do we make them?

By extrusion

We produce freezer bags on the most up-to-date machines, which enable extrusion of high density and durability.


They can be made in all colors and can also be branded, according to the customer's wishes.

Raw marerials

Deep-freeze food bags are extruded from HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE granules.


We can adjust the dimensions of the bag to Your specific needs, as desired.

Want a branded bag?

Bags for deep-frozen products with Your advertisement

We can provide them in any color, with a possibility of printing an advertisement or logo of Your company, which is particularly interesting for large and small shopping centers, stores, etc.